ORT Industria: 40 years of experience at your service

ORT Industria was founded in 1981 in Olmi (Treviso) and today represents one of the main realities at
national level in the field of small precision turned metal parts and mechanical processing for third parties.

The company, which started as a small artisan enterprise, has constantly evolved thanks to the skills and
passion of its founder, Luciano Tiveron, and all his collaborators, who have always been involved in
investments in technology and processes.
Our 40 years of activity, combined with the constant search for improvement, have allowed us to be
recognized for the quality of our products, for the flexibility, reliability and speed of our services, and for the
guarantee of a delivery always on time.
Thanks to the experience and professionalism of its technical and commercial staff, we offer the customer a
punctual support in the design and personalized advice, responding to any specific need and allowing the
industrialization of a product with the right technical and functional characteristics.

Our strengths

Quality, service and know-how: these are the advantages on which the winning strategy of O.R.T. Industria is based, in a combination that differentiates us from our competitors.




Our goals

The milestones in the history of O.R.T. Industry.


Luciano Tiveron fonda O.R.T. Industria Srl


Quality - Obtaining ISO 9001 certification


New 3,500 sq. m. headquarters - Growth on international market - 1st multi-spindle lathe


2nd location: 5,000 square meters total - Evolution and development of new areas - 1st CNC lathe


30th anniversary - 65 employees - Creation of partnerships with multinational clients


Environment - Obtaining ISO 14001 certification


40th anniversary 110 employees 3rd location: 8,000 sqm total


ORT Industria wants to become a reliable partner of each company by increasingly differentiating its
products, investing in technologies and processes, adapting to serve all types of business sectors and
bringing a real benefit to its customers.

The gratification and the possibility of growth of its staff, the creation of new jobs, respect for the environment and integration with the territory are the keys to our success.


ORT Industria is able to serve its customers by giving them the opportunity to receive the right product, at
the right time, in the right place and at the right price. The reliability of this service allows our customers to
focus on their core business, increasing the value and service of their product to the consumer.

For these reasons, we want to grow together with our customers, going beyond the simple production and
helping them in the engineering of the products, making them more cost-effective and ensuring the
required specifications.

High quality of our products guaranteed

Co-design according to customer needs

Ability to process different materials and for various sectors

O.R.T. Industria: a history of passion for mechanics

Ability to process from a minimum diameter of 5 mm to a maximum of 320 mm

ORT Industry, your ideal partner!

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