Quality and Environment

The respect of the specifications and the customer satisfaction are essential conditions of our work; we are
UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1996 for the application field of the production of precision turned small
parts according to customer specifications.


We guarantee certified quality thanks to our technological advanced fleet of machines and great attention to controls at every stage of the production process. Thanks to our specialized personnel and reliable
measuring instruments, we can guarantee high-precision parts in high quantities, with a zero defect rate.

Tests, checks and inspections at every stage of the production process are made in order to verify that the requirements specified for the product are met and are carried out using the most appropriate machinery.
The quality of the turning process is also guaranteed during the washing phase by high technology
machinery which allows the technical specifications of the final product to be preserved. 

Finally, in order to offer an optimal service, it is possible to select the most suitable type of packaging in agreement with the

Our attention is focused on quality and reliability in all their features: in the formulation of the offer, in
production, in testing and in service. The collaboration of specialized personnel, periodically trained and
updated, contributes to the optimization of the company’s quality management system.

Organization and flexibility of the various production phases are two core values that O.R.T. Industria has
consolidated in 40 years of activity. The processes are constantly monitored through advanced computer
systems and highly qualified personnel. The professionalism of the technical department, combined with
sophisticated optical and electronic control instrumentation, ensures product conformity to customer


In ORT Industria we believe that, at the same level of with productivity, quality and efficiency,
environmental sustainability is a fundamental element of our mission.

Over the years, the company has
constantly turned its attention to preventing and reducing any possible negative effect on the environment:
this has been made possible by optimizing and rationalizing the use of non-renewable resources, investing
in new technologies and launching targeted projects for the control of air pollution, the reduction of fumes
and energy consumption, noise emissions and controlled management of waste products.

ORT Industria, your ideal partner!

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